On March 15th, 2016 Lieutenant Ti Augustine was shot while responding to a call involving a suicidal person. His injuries were serious but not catastrophic. He was shot in the upper left leg and the top of his femur bone was shattered. In a formal promotions ceremony, Washington County Sheriff's Lieutenant Ti Augustine was not only promoted, but he also received the medal of merit award.
While his wife and others hail him as a hero, Augustine insists, he's not the one to thank. "My fellow officers, brave people...I love them all. The community, the love and support they've shown me, I don't deserve any of that. There's only one person that deserves that, and he died on a cross for me," he said.

Missouri Trophy Whitetail Hunt
Lieut Tion Augustine, shot in the line of duty, was awarded the 2016 Buckmasters Hero Hunt.

Lieutenant Augustine completed his Hero Hunt by taking this huge 141 inch 10 point Missouri Whitetail buck.

Sponsors Include:
Payton's Custom Taxidermy
Washington CO Fraternal Order of Police
Academy Sports
Little Flat Creek Ranch

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